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California Landlords & Property Managers Now Face Strict Water Conservation Restraints

Written by Dave Roberson.  Published Thursday, April 2, 2015 on Silicon Valley Property Management Group

In a historic move California Governor Jerry Brown issued an emergency order and declaration of water conservation rules which are now imposed on everyone in the state with the exception of farmers. There will be fines and potential rate hikes for residents that fail to hit stepped-up conservation targets as the state endures the fourth straight year of severe drought conditions. Governor Brown has issued water-saving orders for 25 percent statewide reduction in usage which includes bolstering enforcement of water waste, requiring drip irrigation at new construction projects, eliminating rouge farmers who divert water illegally from irrigation channels, and implementing an investment strategy in new water-saving technologies.

What Do The Mandatory Water-Saving Measures Mean For Landlords?

First of all landlords and property managers must be mindful of these new strict rules. A prudent course of action would be for all landlords and property managers to direct their tenants to the new rules and restrictions by providing a hard copy or emailed copy of them. The rules and restrictions can be found at

Secondly, in order to avoid an over use condition to audit each tenant’s usage of water, and monitor any changes in the tenant’s behavior.

Landlords and Property Managers Can Implement Low Water Landscaping Elements

The state of California has provided guidelines for property owners, landlords, property managers and tenants for ways to reduce water usage right here

There are numerous other sources of this information as well. A prudent course of action would be to contact a competent licensed contractor who specializes in water-saving drought-resistant landscaping and implement a plan. Another professional to consultant with would be a landscape architect who specializes in desert or drought-resistant landscapes. An example of some drought-resistant landscaping can be found right here Not only will a drought-resistant yard improve the aesthetics of the property but it will substantially improve the return-on-investment of the asset over the long haul of your ownership.

Professional Property Management for Your Property Can Help Prevent Violations of These New Restrictions

It has always been a good idea to hire a property manager to manage your rental and investment properties. The water conservation restrictions are another example of how a property manager can minimize your risk, and help improve your relationships with your tenants. Silicon Valley Property Management Group is a top-shelf Silicon Valley property management group in San Jose owned and operated by an experienced real estate attorney with over 28 years of real estate experience. We are available 24-7 to answer any questions and brainstorm real estate strategies, and investment property solutions in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Saratoga, Los Gatos, San Jose or any surrounding Bay Area community.