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How 9/11 Changed Property Management


Written by Lynzie Goehring on September 11, 2014.

I think it’s safe to say emergency preparedness can be divided into two separate fields: Pre-September 11th and Post-September 11th. In the pre- 9/11 times; emergency procedures were mostly based around natural disaster preparedness such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. However, the events that took place on 9/11 significantly changed the way our country prepares and trains for emergency situations. 


3 Ways Football Teams and Property Managers Are the Same

Written by Denella Villarreal on August 8, 2014.

Football HuddleHow could a sport as brutal as football relate to anything in the business world? In fact, football relates to almost all businesses! In the case of Commercial Property Management companies, football has a lot in common when it comes to becoming a great team.  Commercial Property Manager’s play a key part in the success of managing investment properties. When it comes to Commercial Property Management It’s not always about hiring a property manager who is a “multitasker”. It is more-so looking for someone who is a lot similar to a football coach who has built a successful team.  They need to be able to think rationally, be organized and provide a game plan for their team.  Just like a football team a commercial property management team has to have key players for the company to be successful.  We must keep our team conditioned by weekly meetings and continue to support each other. 


How Green Infrastructure Adds Value for Property Owners and Tenants

Article written by: Larry Levine

Green-infrastructure"Many communities around the U.S. are now relying on green infrastructure as a cost-effective solution to stormwater infrastructure problems. What’s more, these communities reap the added benefits of beautifying neighborhoods, cooling and cleansing the air, reducing asthma and heat-related illnesses, reducing energy demand for heating and cooling, and creating “green-collar” jobs."

We believe green inrastructure will be the future of commercial and resiential Real Estate. Click on the link below to read the full article.

Green Infrastructure

Property Ownership and Property Management Outlook 2014

Written by Marc Courtenay.  Published Friday, January 17, 2014 on

The year 2013 will go down in the record books as a good year for both owners and managers of residential income properties.

As I wrote recently in an article titled, It's Tough to Afford to be a Renter These Days, "Housing affordability doesn't look too promising as 2014 begins. If you listen to the National Association of Realtors the opportunity to be a homeowner hasn't been this affordable in a long time."

If you're looking to sell a home, 2014 may be a good year though probably not as good as 2013. But if you're looking to buy, 2014 will likely be a better year than 2013.

These are just some of the expectations that Jonathan Miller president and CEO of Miller Samuel, a real estate appraisal and consulting firm, shared with The Daily Ticker at


Enlightenment: The PMI Guide to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Written by Tim Blackwell.  Published Thursday, January 30, 2014 on

The last of the common incandescent light bulbs are going dark, by virtue of the government's mandate that companies cease making them as of January 1. Household staples 40- and 60-watt bulbs are no longer being manufactured in accordance with the Energy Independence and Security Act. You may recall that 100- and 75-watt incandescent bulbs were shelved in the past couple of years.

But apartment communities have a couple of options for keeping the lights burning bright. Energy efficient Halogen, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), and Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) light bulbs are expected to carry the load once inventories of incandescent bulbs are exhausted from store shelves.

Better technology of CFLs, LEDs and Halogens has not only improved energy efficiencies but some have replicated the desirable warmth that the long-lived incandescent bulbs have been known for since their invention in the early 1900s. The warm light offered a cozy, relaxed feeling that made a house a home.


DIY Landlords, is it Time to Hire a Property Manager?

Written by Jennifer Chan.  Published Saturday, December 14, 2013 on

A rental property is a great investment, but being a DIY landlord isn't for the faint of heart. As you make your pro vs. con list for hiring a property manager or taking care of the property yourself, here's a list created by All Property Management of the rental-related items you'd be responsible for in either role.

If you have the time and experience to manage a rental property yourself, it's a rewarding experience to build a relationship with your tenants, maintain the property, and screen the tenants yourself in the leasing process. However, if you're trying to manage a rental property on top of a full-time job, it might be smart to pay a property management company to help you do the heavy lifting. There's lots of administrative, legal, and maintenance work that goes into running a rental smoothly, so hiring professional help can be well worth the cost.


The Ultimate Landlord's Guide to Rental Property Deductions

Written by Edwina Davis.  Posted Tuesday, January 7, 2014 on

The good news is that almost every expense associated with rental properties is deductible. The bad news is that it must be documented, and not all of the deductions are simple.So, the first step in avoiding a tax season nightmare is to have all proverbial ducks in a row. Every expense should be accounted for, with supporting paperwork saved and organized.

Landlords with four or fewer properties may decide to forego hiring an accountant or tax attorney; however professionals say that is an unwise decision. Real estate tax laws have many nuances and technicalities which could make or break a landlord. Having knowledge of the intricate details or access to them is crucial when it comes to getting the full benefit of being a landlord, and there are many benefits of which landlords will want to take advantage.

Most landlords know at least some of the basic deductions. Here are 14 deductions which landlords can take to ensure their rental properties pay off at tax time, hopefully in addition to paying good cash flow all year long.


3 Major Responsiblities of a Landlord Towards the Tenants

By Sharon at

Many people tend to harbor a misconception that landlords are the blessed people whose only responsibility is to collect hefty amounts of rent from the tenants. But privileges come with their own set of responsibilities. In reality, becoming a landlord is a demanding task. Responsibilities do not end with just letting a property to a tenant or by merely taking a casual visit to the rented property.

In case you are planning to give your property on rent it is important that you realize your responsibilities as a landlord. A responsible landlord is one that takes care of things that affect the safety and privacy of the tenant and take onus of several additional responsibilities. Behaving responsibly as a landlord, will ensure cordial relationship with your tenant and help maintain a continuous flow of income from your property. Mentioned below are three major responsibilities that landlords should take up to ensure they get best out of their rental property business.


Making Sure Your Properties Shine On The Outside

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Marc Courtenay on

First impression matter as much as ever! Curb appeal still can make a big difference when it comes to attracting quality residents. Don't believe me? Do what I did and interview rental shoppers. Location and the area of town is one of the "Big 3 Criteria" for prospective residents. Affordability was also one of the 3 biggies. Then I asked prospects, "How important are the exterior looks of the rental property?"

Sure enough more than 80% of the people I polled said, in essence, "If it doesn't look appealing upon first glance we don't even stop to look at the rental." My anecdotal poll reminds us that most residents want to live in a house or an apartment building that they're proud of. Owners want residents to "take pride" in the rental properties they own as well.

Since there's a direct correlation between the number of average vacancies per year and the condition of the rental unit, it literally pays in the long run to have properties that look well-maintained and attractive. After you've done the obvious cosmetic improvements like painting, replacing rotting trim and adding touches like window shutters, the way to make your properties look good on the outside is to invest in some low-maintenance but attractive landscaping.

Whether you live in a dry area or not it makes good sense to consider replacing old or sickly shrubs and bushes with some attractive drought-resistant plants. You'll be surprised at how beautiful they are too. Many drought-resistant, low maintenance plants are colorful, have lush texture and bloom during many seasons of the year. Take a look at this collage of amazing photos which will demonstrate the beautiful diversity among these kinds of plants